responsive web design services Responsive Web Design

Using the most suitable content management system (CMS) for your needs, and a responsive design approach, we can create websites to ensure that they are usable and accessible across a range of platforms, including smartphones and tablets.
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Smart Street Lighting Intelligent Street Lighting

We could use street lighting in a more intelligent way rather than the simple on-off system that currently exists. We offer adaptive outdor lighting control, making the lamps adjust their brightness based on the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or cars.
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Loan Management System Online Lending Software

Our Lending Platform includes all major activities needed to launch a profitable online lending business: end-to-end lending process, fully automated processes, credit history check with scoring, business analysis system, advanced marketing solution and customisation.
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E-commerce services E-commerce

We can create an easy-to-use and easy-to-update online shop, helping both you and your customers to enjoy a smooth experience. We can help you to building a site with a bespoke design that reflects the style and the branding of your company.
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CRM services CRM

Manage customer relationships, contacts, opportunities, activities, and sales campaigns in an organized way can be a vital issue for many companies. We offer strategic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions tailored to specific customer processes.
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Electronic services Hardware & Software

Cybernetics International provide customized solutions from the fields of automation, measurement technology, electronics and software. We frequently design electronics that utilize high performance system architectures and embedded software.
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3D mechanical design services Mechanical Design

We offer CAD/CAE services for: Concept Designing (Industrial Design), Designing (detailed 3D CAD design and manufacturing drawings) and Tooling (mould design, sheet metal forming, die design, jig and fixture design).
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Recruitment services Business Services

Our services include recruitment, personnel recommendations and problem solving. We can create new business contacts for you with the aim of establishing stable and long-lasting partnerships which yield success for everyone involved.
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