Contingent Staffing

Our contingent staffing services offer a wide range of benefits, from cost containment to risk mitigation. As human capital management specialists, we rapidly match qualified candidates with temporary positions across a wide range of job titles, significantly reducing cycle times, and helping our customers create more flexible and dynamic workforces. We service a broad client base in the CAD Engineering Design, Hardware Development, CRM Software Development, Website Design, PLM & Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, automation, manufacturing, oil & gas. CYBERNETICS International is committed to Recruiting & Staffing excellence, with its best practices eliminating inefficiencies in sourcing and managing contingent labor.

contingent staffing

Recruiting & Staffing Services/Solutions

  • Contract/Temp Staffing
  • Contract to Hire/Temp To Hire
  • Direct Hire

Expert Screening Methodology

  • Technical interviews and written tests
  • Phone evaluations
  • Unique testing and evaluation criteria for each skill
  • In-depth discussions on previous experience, roles and approach
  • Evaluate technical skills and perform reference checks and confirm
    candidates fit client's needs, expectations, and company culture
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