Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

Our experienced staff ensure that your CRM system is implemented in the most appropriate manner for your particular requirements. We understand that, due to the scalability of the CRM platform, no two implementations are the same and, as a result, treat you as individuals and not as "just another implementation project". 

We use latest technologies to install, configure and  fine tune CRM specific functionalities that help achieve your business objectives quickly. Besides this, we also help automate work-flows and schedulers so that you can streamline a number of day to day customer-related & marketing activities.

CRM Implementation Processes

We do a complete analysis of your business processes and the challenges faced by your organization. Our business analysts will work with you on identifying the scope and tasks for the required customization. Next, we install and configure CRM by customizing its dashboard, modules, and architecture. We seamlessly migrate existing customer data into your CRM application, so that you can manage tons of data with just a few clicks. Once this is done, we completely test your new CRM application and review its performance, security, stability and scalability.

crm implementation

Usually Implementation Follows the Below Processes:

  • Customise CRM
    • Analyse the business process
    • Determine customisation requirements
      and specifications
    • Approve and freeze customisation specifications
    • Develop the customisation
    • Review the customisation
    • Test the system
    • Get a pilot group to use the product
    • Process audit
  • Training
    • Schedule Administrator training
    • Schedule End User training
  • Deployment
    • Deploy CRM to the client
    • Perform the import of legacy data
    • Validate legacy data after installation
  • Post-deployment follow-up
  • Hold a post-implementation audit or review (after about 3 months)
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