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CYBERNETICS International can help you not only to create your web store, but also to make your business more effective. Our services are addressed to web store owners who making data driven decisions and intend to bring incremental long lasting improvements, week by week, in different areas of an online store. Our services help you build a stable business and brand.

Our Service Include:

Quality Assurance Services

We can help you to continuously check your store for any new user experience problems that might have emerged with development of features or revamp of the old ones.

Monitoring Google crawler reports/issues

Google webmaster tools (GWT) provide useful source of information regarding site’s health. We’ll regularly monitor GWT for any issues that might arise, and act upon them.

Google analytics maintenance

We can help you with Google analytics for:

  • ensuring that the tracking codes are in place
  • creating specific reports tailored for your business needs
  • setting up events and goals when needed
  • setting up advanced segments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO – monitoring  site online

Every month we will concentrate on one area of your website. We will do a keyword research and figure out which keywords are commonly used by searchers when they search for those products. We will then proceed to edit on-site ranking factors such as titles, H tags, image ALT tags, and text to make those pages optimized for the keywords we gathered in the research.

We will use your Google AdWords data available through the Google Analytics to make data driven decisions on which keywords we should optimize those pages for based on the conversion rate of those same keywords achieved through your Pay per Click (PPC) efforts. Better landing pages will also lead to better AdWords quality scores which leads to lower prices per click.

SEO – monitoring site offline

We will monitor your new backlinks every month to make sure you’re not gaining any bad links. Bad backlinks can be gained through different bots that scrape the web and replicate content, as well as by negative SEO campaigns that your competitors can run against you (building bad backlinks towards you to make Google penalize you).

In case we see any bad backlinks we will disavow them preemptively before you get in trouble.


Every month we will create a report for you that will include all of the actions we’ve taken in this month, all of the changes that were implemented, and all of the new data driven conclusions we came to. We will also report on how the changes we implemented the month before reflected on your website’s performance and revenue this month.

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