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Magento platform has brought a revolution in the ecommerce industry. Using Magento, organizations are able to provide a unique shopping cart which is a one-stop shop to users for all their shopping needs. Magento’s modular architecture enables high flexibility and facilitates a pleasing shopping experience to users. However, with thousands of organizations inundating the industry, the ecommerce domain is now getting cluttered. In order to stand out in the competition and offer a website that is exceptional, ecommerce providers need to offer unique features in the website that make online shopping an enriching experience. Rich customization using extensions and modules need to be incorporated in order to make websites distinct and inimitable. Our Magento custom design service offers complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of an online store. We develop all of our Magento ecommerce stores using responsive web design methodology. This process removes the requirement for a separate mobile or tablet site and instead the website is built to be fluid and adapt to the screen size that the user is viewing the site on. This means that the administrator only needs to worry about managing one website from the backend and Google only needs to index one website.

Benefits of a Responsive Magento Website

  • Enhance user experience. Whatever device your customer is using, a responsive website will ensure that it provides the best experience as it adapts to that screen size.
  • Improved conversion rate. Websites that consider the device being used by the visitor convert much higher than a one size fits all approach.
  • On admin area. With a responsive website, you will only have one admin area to manage the website content.
  • Future proof. The way that responsive websites are built makes it easy to adapt them to any future screen sizes that may be launched.

Our Magento Development Services Include:

Magento development

  • We can develop Magento store from scratch or carry out your e-shop migration to this platform.
  • If you have a base but need some customization we can assist you with further Magento website development and maintenance adding required functionality and features.
  • We offer custom Magento plugins, modules and templates development for your online store.

Magento extension development

  • You are a retailer with a Magento based web store and there's something you want to add to the system - we can develop custom Magento extensions for you or update any extension to meet your requirements.
  • We are constantly working on new software to satisfy our customers' requests.

Magento Customization services

  • Magento ecommerce platform is so popular mostly because it's free and Open Source which allows you to customize it.
  • We can offer you not only the customization of built-in Magento features but also the customization of the 3rd party extensions.
  • At your request we can perform the modification of a ready commercial script or modify the source code.
Magento customization
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