lighting control system

Intelligent Lighting for Smart Cities

Imagine if you could illuminate the streets, parks, or other public space flexibly as lighting needs change over time. You could decide how to switch and dim the lights in selected areas of your city, delivering light exactly when and where it is needed. Street lights outfitted with intelligent wireless controls provide a unique opportunity to make cities "smart" through the inclusion of a wide variety of sensors that act as the "eyes and ears" of the city. We can offer a Lighting control system which gives you the power to make the lighting in your city dynamic, intelligent, and totally flexible. Adopting our system you set your lighting management on the right path for the future and enable the addition of numerous other sensors, including but not limited to: traffic, motion, and occupancy. Our Lighting control system is a revolutionary telemanagement system that connects your luminaire to a lighting management software, a web-based remote lighting asset management software solution that makes planning, analyzing, and managing your lighting infrastructure very simple with its intuitive user interface, map-based visualizations, and simple charts and diagrams. Only with a few mouse clicks, you can monitor, adjust and control the lighting in your city. You are automatically informed when a failure occurs, enabling you to immediately initiate the work process. You can boost light levels to improve visibility, or dim the lighting to save energy and prevent light pollution. The scalability of our system allows administrators to directly address individual light points, streets, or an entire region, empowering cities to deliver precisely the right amount of light at any place or time.The Lighting control system is based on a two-way wireless communication using the latest highly secure mesh network technology. It consists of luminaire-based controllers, a segment controller and a management software. The luminaire based control provides ON/OFF control, dimming, and energy metering.

Intelligent Lighting Key Benefits:

cost efficiency  Cost Efficiency    

Sensor street lighting enables energy savings of up to 60% and a reduction of maintenance costs of up to 50%. No need to replace existing lamps.

    livable environment  Livable Environment

Our products combat CO2 emissions, energy waste, and light pollution. They ensure better safety on the streets through better lighting.

traffic safety  Full Control    

Thanks to our software, you get to manage all of your street lights. Be aware of everything through a personal dashboard and take action yourself.

    efficient monitoring  Efficient Monitoring

Combined with CityManager, our lighting controllers offer excellent insights into the state of your lighting infrastructure and alert you to any maintenance needs.

effortless instalation  Effortless Installation    

All controllers are plug-and-play that are easily installed either inside the lamp or on the pole. Installation does not require groundwork.

    robust communication  Robust Communication

Wireless communication solution withstands harsh outdoor environments. The wireless network is self-configuring and self-healing.

data-collection  Data Collection    

Combined with CityManager, our lighting systems allow collecting and analyzing data such as burning hours, energy consumption, and maintenance needs.

    scalability  Scalability

Our products are open for the integration of third-party applications.

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