intelligent lighting control

Why Intelligent Lighting?

The energy wastage via street lights in public sectors can be controlled and reduced by using an intelligent lighting system. This system consists of an intelligent street lighting control subsystem that sends information to a central server (light management server) in order to simplify the management and maintenance. The intelligent street lighting control subsystem is an intelligent wireless sensor network that adjusts light output based on usage and occupancy, i.e., automating classification of pedestrian versus cyclist, versus automotive. It illuminates a certain number of street lights ahead and fewer behind, depending on velocity of movement. It also adjusts the light according to the road condition. The light management server is a web-based platform that allows remote monitoring, management and control of the entire lighting infrastructure, providing an in-depth real-time analysis and health monitoring of the assets, networks and sensors. The intelligent lighting system is suitable for implementation both with existing high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and new light-emitting diode (LED) lamps.

Intelligent wireless sensor network

The intelligent wireless sensor network consists of an array of nodes that may be installed on both sides of the road, being mutually separated by a few tens to a few hundreds of meters. Each node consists of vehicle detection subsystem, wireless communications and control subsystem for message exchange between the neighboring nodes and lighting subsystem. During the day, nodes are inactive, while during the night, they turn to an active mode enabling detection of passing vehicles and timely activation of road lighting. Upon detection of a passing vehicle, the node generates a wireless message. Neighboring nodes that receive the wireless message will turn on their road lighting. In order to prevent driver distraction, each lamp will be turned on at a safe distance ahead of the moving vehicle. In order to improve energy efficiency, the lights will be dimmed or turned off behind the passing vehicle.

Business Benefits:

mobility green transport  Efficiency and cost savings    

Energy efficiency and cost savings Intelligent lighting system ensures reduction in energy consumption and CO2-emissions. Unnecessary lighting can be prevented by targeted dimming of sectors of the city, roads or individual luminaires. For example, the light level can be dynamically adapted to the aging of the light source. Overall, Intelligent lighting system enables energy savings of up to 60% and a reduction of maintenance costs of up to 50%. Intelligent lighting system also has an effect on the maintenance costs: it provides the option of central detailed monitoring and analysis of a lighting installation and enables easy maintenance planning. The condition of each luminaire can thus be checked at any time and luminaire failures are precisely traceable. Also, the system information facilitates optimum route planning for the maintenance crews.

    data traffic management  Unlimited flexibility

The world is continuously changing – and so is the cityscape. With Intelligent lighting system, the lighting can be adapted to match these changes. Individual luminaires can be grouped e.g. in streets and pedestrian overpasses. Intelligent lighting system also permits the user to control and monitor the luminaires, individually or in groups – depending on the application. However, the flexibility is not limited to the high level of extendability. Intelligent lighting system is also highly compatible and can be combined with other management and infrastructure systems. In addition, the various different installation possibilities of the flexible hardware (for example pole and luminaire mounting) and the various different communication possibilities with all relevant interfaces guarantee made-to-measure lighting solutions.

traffic safety  Safety with light    

Whether roads, paths or industrial installations – lighting needs to be reliable in all situations. CYBERNETICS believes that security is an all-encompassing term. It concerns not only digital cyber security but also dealing with our customers’ information. Because we take privacy seriously, all our data connections are highly protected. Additionally, our inbuilt 3-level back-up system ensures that even in the unlikely case of a system failure the lights will never turn off.

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