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Lending Managed Services

The Creditonline loan servicing solution supports all loan products on a single platform. Most servicing solutions are loan-centric, which means the information about a borrower lives on the loan record itself. The Creditonline solution stores borrower data in one centralized place on the basis of a SaaS model. Capitalizing the power of that consolidate data allows loan servicers to do a better job of managing risk, providing customer service, and addressing default management challenges. You will be better positioned to understand borrower credit capacity, identify credit risk, efficiently support loss mitigation initiatives, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. A consolidated approach to servicing increases opportunities in new lending markets; provides more flexibility for securitization; empowers you to take control over the regulatory environment; and results in more responsive servicing associates who can better serve your borrowers. Financial services are looking for ways to quickly adapt their operations to market dynamics, incorporate cost-effective technology solutions and respond to changing economic realities. Regardless of the diversity of your loan portfolio - Consumer loans, Payday loans, Installment loans, Secured loans, P2P lending – Cybernetics International manages a broad range of lending services to meet your diverse business needs and add value to your lending operation.

Below you will find a list of our services:

  • Operational Support
    • Reduce fixed costs and adapt quickly to increasing or decreasing volumes in workload while avoiding costly acquisition and maintenance of your own staff
    • Cybernetics International provides transparent, private-label services that allow you to scale your operations
    • Our support teams works 24/7 and are trained on your institution’s policies and procedures and provide seamless continuity to your customers.

  • Consulting Services
    • Reduce the costs within your lending operation, promote greater productivity and execute sound business strategies with our broad spectrum of custom-tailored consulting services
    • Our teams can assess specific functional areas or overall operational performance within your lending environment, develop best practices to maximize use of your lending applications, and support your back-office capabilities.

  • Conversion Support
    • Minimize the impact a software implementation can have on your customers, staff and operations. Our representatives are trained to manage the challenges associated with introducing new software and can help your staff adjust more quickly and easily
    • Cybernetics International delivers a scalable solution that ensures operational stability and provides continuous high-level support.

  • IT Support
    • There is a huge demand on IT departments to respond yet still maintain high-quality performance of day-to-day workload. Cybernetics International offers resources that manage a wide range of managed IT services, including application management; testing services; systems integration; and remote infrastructure management
    • Our application experts work with your team to optimize software performance without increasing your staff.
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