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Creditonline delivers leading-edge technology and advanced development tools to offer a reliable lending software solution. Our solution covers the full lending cycle from application, through loan origination, risk assessment, decision-making, monitoring, and management control of loans. Its modules can effectively automate and integrate every aspect of a business into a single solution through a conveniently centralized database. Our technology empowers small and mid-sized lending organizations by giving them the same customizable tools available to the largest loan companies in the country. Creditonline is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. The SaaS option allows clients to pay for service on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for costly servers in each office. Clients have a real-time connection with all of their offices through our centralized server, allowing for lower operating costs while enhancing efficiency throughout the organization. CYBERNETICS International delivers excellence in value based modular system pricing. We offer a structured value based pricing methodology that reflects the clear needs and best practices of each client's system work scope. Our software pricing is dependent upon the complexity, essential features, and exact requirements in a customer's requested proposal. This process involves evaluation of our prospective customer’s current system, the credibility of proposed features, timeframe for system conversion and migration, accuracy validation of data conversion, implementation, training of users, and additional system enhancements.

End-to-end lending process

  • Origination:
    • Data input
    • Product setup
    • Pricing control
    • Marketing setup
    • Loan proposal
  • Evaluation and approval:
    • Customer verification
    • Credit history check
    • Scoring and rating
    • Automated loan approval
  • Servicing and reporting:
    • Manual payments process
    • Semi-automated payments process
    • Automated payments process
    • Automated email/SMS notifications
  • Collection:
    • Automated and manual deduction
    • Late, penalty, tax calculation
    • Scoring and rating
    • External and internal bailiff control

Creditonline is a fully automated loan management system. With highly optimized decision workflows, collateral tracking and comprehensive reporting, it strikes the perfect balance between risk management and operational swiftness. Creditonline enables lending organizations to close more qualified loans faster with improved operational efficiency. It practically eliminated the tedious sorting of both paper and electronic files and dramatically minimizes the costly manual data entry.

Fully automated processes

  • Customer registration:
    • Website registration
    • Through other affiliates and agents
  • Validation:
    • Compliance checks
    • Rule based checks
  • Credit History:
    • Connectivity to third data providers
    • Automated checks in internal loan databases
  • Scoring & Rating:
    • Internal third party data rating system
    • Personalized, flexible and internal loan data scoring
    • Possibility to rate the scores
  • Decision:
    • Manual/automated loan confirmations and rejections
    • Automatic money transfer
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