lending platform

Why Lending Platform?

Loan Management System is used to automate the back office activities of finance company and offers any type of loans. To day is the need of finance in every aspects of life. As we know these days’ different finance company coming up with new finance product every month. In such competitive environment, so only selling the finance product is not the only target, but providing excellent service to the customer for long period is the next major task. Therefore, system has to come up that can handle back office activities, otherwise manage this activities of huge numbers of customer adapt and loan transaction might become cumbersome and headache is not taken seriously. Creditonline software developed by UAB "EGROUP EU" is an online, real-time Loan Management System platform that provides you with every loan management function crucial to your business. It has been designed to automate the back office activities of finance company and has comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit trails and logs, detailed life-of-loan histories, transaction reports, required government reports and numerous management analyses. As a nationally recognized UAB "EGROUP EU" partner, Cybernetics International provides implementations and customization for Creditonline to clients across the country. We offer industry solutions in Consumer loans, Payday loans, Installment loans, Secured loans, P2P lending.

Lending Platform Key Benefits:

loan  Flexible and easy set-up    

You can access the software quickly and from our comprehensive client and Loan management system which works on the basis of a SaaS model. You can select the individual modules containing only the functionality you need to support your business model. The set-up allows you to customize features like credit policies, scoring rules, automated notifications, forms/dashboard layouts, etc.

    security loan  Safety and security

The Loan business management system Creditonline meets international personal data protection requirement as well as modern marketing techniques. A rich set of anti-fraud and security features minimizes internal and external fraud attempts. We provide the highest level of security available today in the online lending environment. Our system utilizes SSL, PCI DSS and other ISO certified security solutions.

financial software  Integrations with 3rd party apps    

The Loan business management system Creditonline enables integration with financial and accounting software, BI solutions, payment service providers, scoring solution providers and many others which in turn enable to save HR (Human Resources).

    credit  Credit scoring

We make our lending decisions using credit scoring based on information held by credit reference agencies, additional information about applicants, plus their own internal processes.

credit scoring  System updates    

We routinely monitor, maintain and upgrade your software to ensure you always enjoy a cutting edge system with the latest updates as well as all new version releases.

    notification sms email  Notification (SMS, email)

Send automatic/scheduled emails and text messages to the customers. Text messages and emails can be anchored to a specific event in a customer’s credit history.

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