3d Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design Engineering

We can support your product development sequence from concept and prototype stages to issue of final manufacturing drawings, utilizing precision three-dimensional modeling. We are able to operate at various levels of involvement and responsibility, in capacities tailored to suit your needs. We can undertake complete projects or operate as an adjunct to your existing design facility, offering flexible support as and when required.
Working collectively or individually, we can provide rapid and cost-effective solutions; we understand the potential technical and logistical problems which may emanate from resource or time constraints. You will be invited to discuss your idea and the progression of the project.

Our Core Competencies:


      Parametric design for parts and assemblies
      Surface design
      Assembly design and design optimization
      Digital mock-up
      Drawing generation
      Mold and die design
      Kinematics analysis using the virtual prototype


      Our experience in surface modeling gives us the skills that can help you turn an idea for a good product into the physical reality of a well designed plastic product.
      More than any other material, parts made from plastic must be "designed for production". Almost anybody can design a plastic part to some degree, but to do it well knowledge of the injection molding process and how injection molds function is required in addition to "regular" design skills.


      Our engineers design jigs and fixtures used in machining, inspection, assembly, welding and other manufacturing operations for the Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, General & Precision engineering components and Welding industries.
      Our in-house and external attracted resources for jig and tool design enable simple jigs or complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customer's requirements.


      Our company can provide complete 3D designs and drawings for your sheet metal products, customized to your needs, drawings of your existing parts or drawings of concepts or ideas.
      We can also help you redesign or reverse-engineer previous products from the simplest sheet metal bracket to the most complex sheet metal enclosure or automotive shape.


      Advanced surface design
      Reverse engineering, building surfaces from a cloud of points


      Advanced Multi-axis CNC programming
      Machine Tool Simulation

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