3D Plastic Design Service

A. Design for Production

We offer 3D design services for plastic product and mechanical component design.  More than any other material, parts made from plastic must be "designed for production". Almost anybody can design a plastic part to some degree, but to do it well knowledge of the injection molding process and how injection molds function is required in addition to "regular" design skills. Our previous service of providing injection molds of our design to our clients gives us an in depth knowledge of injection molds and injection molding problems. Models created in 3D can be directly used to generate rapid prototypes for static or functional assemblies. 3D Plastic Design can supply finished CAD 3D models, assemblies, and fully dimensioned 2D drawings for your project.

mold injection
mold plastic

B. Plastic Part Styling

Our experience in surface modeling gives us the skills that can help you turn an idea for a good product into the physical reality of a well designed plastic product.


Completed CAD data can be used directly in a manufacturing environment for machining tooling to be used in plastic molding tools or for the production of mechanical parts. CAD data can also be used to produce rapid prototypes to enable a physical form of the design to be evaluated, or multiple components to be assembled into a working concept.

Benefits of using 3D Plastic Design services:

      Flexibility to 3D models and 2D drawings
      Full project management for plastics tooling design
      3D Plastic Design services can provide you with visual images, dimensioned drawings and physical product through rapid prototyping
      Facilities to evaluate your designs, field test prototypes, make changes to product design or get feedback from consumers before committing to the manufacture of tooling.

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