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Jigs and Fixtures Design

CYBERNETICS’s engineers design jigs and fixtures used in machining, inspection, assembly, welding and other manufacturing operations for the Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, General & Precision engineering components and Welding industries. Our in-house and external attracted resources for jig and tool design enable simple jigs or complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customer's requirements. Through its understanding of the manufacturing processes and good knowledge of designing dies and molds, CYBERNETICS provides a complete range of solutions, right from 2D drawings to NC code generation. Our successful projects completed for big Aerospace suppliers make us a proved reliable and cost-effective choice. High accuracy and repeatable tolerances are crucial and therefore the key focus within the design stage is to ensure that the piece is robust enough to deliver the same critical tolerances time and time again.

Our services include, however, are not limited to:

      Sector specific tooling i.e. Automotive, Aerospace
      CNC / Machine tooling
      Welding & Fabrication fixtures
      Drilling fixtures
      Holding fixtures
      Trimming fixtures
      Bonding fixtures
      Inspection fixture
      Form & press tools
      Fixture and tooling reduction solutions
      Optimization and efficiency of current solutions.

Key Benefits:

      Drawings supplied and accepted in a variety of formats: DWG, DXF, DGN and IGES, as well as hard copy
      Jig and tool design from customer supplied drawings
      Production/component design from customer specification
      Optimization of process parameters.

tooling jig fixture

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